Doug's Approved Carwash System

Okay, the first thing to know is that washing your car at home is bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Buckets are bad. They collect dirt which you pass to your applicator, and wind up rubbing into your paint job when you soap up your car. Brushes, sponges and chamois are bad. They trap loose grit and grind in, which you also rub into your paintwork, creating a fine network of scratches. Improper car washing is the one thing that really burns Doug.

Here he goes taking all this time to ensure a car’s paint is matched impeccably, then someone goes and uses a dirty sponge or takes the car to a do-it-yourself carwash with one of those foaming brush things. Here is his secret carwash technique used right here in our car wash.

8 Steps to the Perfect Wash

  • Turn the wand setting to SOAP and spray your vehicle. This high-speed soap application actually floats the dirt away from the paint without rubbing or causing scratches.
  • Turn the wand setting to RINSE and thoroughly clean off car. The RINSE cycle on the wand is usually higher pressure than the SOAP setting and will wash away more of the grit and road film.
  • Turn the setting back to SOAP and go at it again.
  • Use a clean DIAPER (NOT A SPONGE, CHAMOIS, WASH MITT OR BRUSH) to break any road film left on the vehicle.
  • SOAP the vehicle very thoroughly again to float away any remaining grit.
  • RINSE the car well.
  • Take a SECOND CLEAN DIAPER and dry the car.
  • When you get home, throw the diapers in the laundry so they’re clean for next time.