The Doug's Place Guarantee

Regrettably, you have had an accident...  How do you decide which repair shop is best for you?

You, as the customer, have the right to decide what is most important to will be influenced to choose a repair shop based on the opinions of others and your experiences.

It can be a difficult decision, but ultimately you are looking for a repair shop that you can trust and matches the qualities most essential to you!

Our mission is to earn your trust and provide as many services and as much guidance as we can, to protect what is most important to you.

Our promise is to restore your vehicle back to the manufacturer's high safety standards.

We are committed to delivering the peace of mind that you and your family deserve.

We back up that commitment by offering a National Transferable Lifetime Warranty that protects your investment regardless of what life throws at you, like moving to another province, or switching insurance companies.

Check out the details below to see why you can trust Doug's Place to be the repair shop of your choice.

1.     Nation Wide Coverage: If you move to another location in North America, you are covered by any other repair center that is a Member of the NTLW Network.

2.     Transferable Coverage: If you sell your vehicle, your warranty is transferable to the new owner, ensuring a high resale value for your vehicle.

3.     Lifetime Coverage: The NTLW Facilitates and Bonds every warranty so you will be covered even if the repair center is sold, or goes out of Business.

4.     Verified Warranty Coverage: The NTLW Bureau is a third party consumer protection agency.  By Selecting a NTLW verified shop you are choosing a repair center that has met stringent guidelines.



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