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Accidents, Paint, Theft, PDR & Hail. We do it all.

Collision Repairs

Doug's Place will return your vehicle back to the manufacturer’s factory safety specifications. From heavy collision damage to paint-less dent repairs, our certified technicians are trained to handle major impact damage, small dents, door marks and scratches on all makes and models. We use the highest quality parts and warranty approved equipment to ensure the manufacturers’ repair standards are met. 

Structural Repairs

This typically involves damage that isn’t visible and can be costly to repair. If it isn't repaired properly, your vehicle isn’t safe to operate. Doug’s Place technicians are experts at identifying, assessing and replacing damaged structural components.

Mechanical Repairs

Our mechanical Partners provide a complete range of services – from diagnostics, suspensions, fluid systems and air conditioning - to ensure your vehicle operates like new again.

Insurance Claims

A claims adjuster's definition of restored may be different than that of our appraisers & technicians. Fortunately, at Doug's Place, we have a proven record of working successfully with insurance providers - including fully documented repair procedures. Our team will work with the insurance companies to complete and submit your paperwork, check on your deductible status and deal with your adjuster.

Theft & Vandalism Repairs

Something about theft.

Specified Peril Claims

Specified Peril Claims are thefts, fires, earthquakes, explosions or weather damage like hail, windstorms, rising water and lightning. Doug's Place does everything in our power to facilitate the repairs of these unfortunate mishaps. 

Whether it requires paint-less dent repair or conventional damage repairs Doug's Place will handle all types of hail, and theft repairs. 

Refinish Specialist

We have the best technicians and refinishing materials in the business. Our technicians are true artists; they take pride in tinting and blending out colours just right.
High Quality

There’s nothing worse than a car panel that looks like it’s been repainted. Our technicians are extremely fussy when it comes to matching paint. Real nit-pickers. They mix paints and spray test cards until the colour is precise. 
High Quality

We’re pretty proud of the incredibly high-tech downdraft paint booths at Doug’s Place. Special filtration grids in the floor have been installed for our eco-friendly waterborne paint system, just another way we’re contributing to a cleaner environment.
Eco Continuous

We use waterborne paints – the ones that don’t release any Volatile Organic Compounds into the atmosphere. 
Eco Continuous

We’re proud of the fact that we helped pioneer the use of a liquid masking system. Instead of the traditional paper and tape process reliant on trees, the liquid masking system we use turns into biodegradable soap. 
Eco Continuous

Glass Replacement


When the airbag deploys, it uses the windshield to push it toward the passenger. If the windshield is cracked, it may not have the structural integrity to perform this function

If the windshield has cracks, or a crack, the structural integrity may be damaged, and the windshield may fail to support the roof if the car flips, leading to a crushed cab, severe injury, or even death of the occupants. Cracks increase risk because without a structurally sound windshield, the weight of the car may collapse on the seating area.

A windshield helps to protect the driver from wind and debris while providing a wide view. It also helps in a collision by redistributing the force of impact around the outside of the vehicle and away from any passengers, and it helps to hold the airbag system in place and function correctly. It can help keep the passengers inside the vehicle during an accident – especially during a rollover accident.

Suspension Repairs

Vehicles with major damage affecting its steering or control may require suspension repairs. We work with our mechanical partners to analyze and correct any problems.