How One Man's Perfection Became A Nod To Nit-Pickiness

Throughout his life, Doug Bychyk has been a perfectionist. From aligning the handlebars on his tricycle to ensuring a damaged BMW frame is back to factory specs, Doug has always pursued excellence. He opened his first body shop, Doug’s Place, in 1971 and built a reputation for returning vehicles to pristine condition.

Along the way, Doug recruited specialists who shared his love of cars and perfection.

Today, a group of employees steeped in Doug’s passion (some say mania) for perfection manage the business, always evolving to stay ahead of the changing industry and Edmonton’s growing marketplace.  Quality workmanship, state-of-the-art equipment and a premium customer experience are the pillars of our past and future success. At Doug’s Place, we know that being ahead of the curve isn’t enough: we must constantly re-calibrate it.

Doug's Automotive Group

We are a proud member of Doug's Automotive Group.